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Waterloo Police Services Board vs. Kelly Donovan

Silencing a Police Whistleblower

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Since 2016, the Waterloo Regional Police Service has been trying to stop Kelly Donovan from speaking out about internal police practices she believes have to change if policing is to regain public trust. She resigned from policing in 2017, yet that hasn't stopped them. This site hosts all of the public documents in the ongoing struggle to try to hold police leadership accountable.

Public Funds Spent

Whistleblower Retaliation

Below are links to each year of litigation between the police service and a whistleblower.

Crime Scene Tape


Initial Unprotected Disclosure of Wrongdoing

Donovan made an unprotected disclosure of perceived wrongdoing to the Waterloo Regional Police Services Board and faced reprisal by then Chief Bryan Larkin. Donovan filed a human rights complaint, and complaints with oversight bodies.


Donovan Resigned

Donovan's human rights complaint was deferred and she resigned.

She released her report on Systemic Misfeasance in Ontario Policing.

Post-Resignation Retaliation Began

Despite resigning from employment, the police service continued their retaliation. Donovan filed her civil claim, and the police service filed a human rights complaint against her.




Donovan's Anti-SLAPP and lawsuit dismissal

Donovan attempted to have the police service's human rights complaint dismissed, and her civil claim was dismissed. She was victorious at the Ontario Court of Appeal.


Revisiting Overturned Motion

The police service wrote to the lower court Judge to have their motion revisited.

Motion to Dismiss v.2

The police service had Donovan's claim dismissed a second time. She appealed; again.




Appeal Denied, Justice Denied

Donovan's second appeal was denied, and her human rights complaint was dismissed in part. The police service's complaint proceeded.


Judicial Review

Donovan filed for judicial review of the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario decision.


Duty of Fair Representation

Donovan will find out if her police association has in fact had a duty to represent her throughout all of her legal dealings with the police service.

Public Disclosure

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Vocal Recording


Kelly created a podcast series outlining her entire battle as a police whistleblower. Check out Public Enemy No. 1 today:

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