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In 2019, the parties attended Superior Court twice, Ontario Court of Appeal once, and HRTO matters proceeded by teleconference. This was the busiest year for proceedings, and the WRPSB spent over $182k in legal fees this year alone.

Donovan's Anti-SLAPP Application:

Donovan v. (Waterloo) Police Services Board, 2019 ONSC 818

Ramping-up Efforts

Donovan's Statement of Claim Amended on Consent - January 16, 2019

The amended statement of claim can be viewed here.

HRTO Issued Case Assessment Direction (CAD) - February 6, 2019

The CAD can be viewed here.

Motion to Dismiss Donovan's claim - February 13, 2019

Motion Decision:

Donovan v. Waterloo Regional Police Services Board, 2019 ONSC 1212

HRTO Interim Decision:

Waterloo Police Services Board v. Donovan, 2019 HRTO 308

Donovan's Ordered Submissions to HRTO - May 1, 2019

In response to the WRPSB's Complaint, Donovan made the following submissions:

Notice of Constitutional Question

Donovan sent her Notice of Constitutional Question to the Attorneys General of Ontario and Canada.

The Attorney General of Ontario declined to intervene.

WRPSB Reply Submissions - May 16, 2019

The WRPSB made submissions in reply to Donovan's responses filed May 1st.

HRTO Interim Decision:

The Regional Municipality of Waterloo Police Services Board v. Donovan, 2019 HRTO 1326

Appeal # 1

Court of Appeal C66718 - October 11, 2019

Donovan appealed Justice Doi's February, 2019, dismissal of her lawsuit. The documents filed were as follows:

Ontario Court of Appeal:

Donovan v. Waterloo Regional Police Services Board, 2019 ONCA 845

CanLii Connects

More reply submissions from WRPSB - November 7, 2019

The WRPSB submitted additional reply submissions in response to the September 30, 2019, HRTO Interim Decision above.

Donovan was Recognized

Ontario Civil Liberties Award Recipient 2019

The Ontario Civil Liberties Association (OCLA) presents its 2019 Civil Liberties Award to police whistleblower and public-protection advocate Kelly Donovan.

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