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Public Funds

The expense of public funds is a matter of public interest. If a public institution is diverting public funds for personal gain, that is of public concern.

Legal Expenses 2016 to Dec 2023.png

What is Kelly's silence worth to Waterloo Region taxpayers?

From the time Kelly Donovan resigned from the Waterloo Regional Police Service up until November 22, 2023, they have spent $659,279.66 in legal fees on these matters alone.

Taking into account the funds they spent prior to Kelly's resignation, and after she made her disclosure to the board, they have spent $708,930.70.

Will Kelly's silence be worth $1,000,000.00??

All of the figures can be viewed here.

Police Oversight

Kelly filed a complaint with the Ontario Civilian Police Commission in 2022 about these legal expenses, and the OCPC declined to investigate. Their decision letter can be read here.

Kelly has requested a copy of the entire investigative file through Freedom of Information legislation. Her request was denied, and is currently under appeal.

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