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She made a decision to speak out against something she believed was wrong. She never imagined the journey ahead.

In 2016, Kelly Donovan was a police constable working as a Use of Force Instructor for the Waterloo Regional Police Service. She witnessed what she believed were abuses of power when police investigate themselves for domestic violence. She learned that Ontario laws prohibited police officers from making complaints against their chief of police, so she made an unprotected disclosure of wrongdoing by the chief to the police services board.

Kelly faced reprisal for making her disclosure in 2016, and she continues to face reprisal today - even after resigning in 2017.

Public Disclosure

Kelly believes firmly that it is in the public's interest that police business should be transparent, and that's why she created this site for visitors to read all public documents filed in her matter. Transparency is especially important when police use legitimate legal processes to silence a critic or whistleblower.

You can access all public documents in the main navigation menu under "Legal Proceedings" and search by year, or by using the links below where the information is organized by level of court/tribunal.

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