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In 2020, the WRPSB returned Donovan's civil matter to the lower court to revisit their original motion and very little happened at the HRTO.

Revolving Door

Donovan Amended her Statement of Claim in Accordance with the Court of Appeal Order - January 29, 2020

The amended statement of claim can be viewed here.

WRPSB wrote to Justice Doi to re-open lower court motion - February 19, 2020

The WRPSB wrote a letter to Justice Doi 21-days after Donovan amended her claim regarding their lower court motion, stating they believed it remained undecided.

Donovan filed Notice of Intent to Dismiss WRPSB's HRTO complaint 2018-33203-S (Form 10) - April 15, 2020

Despite Donovan's previous requests to have the WRPSB's HRTO complaint dismissed, the Tribunal had not scheduled a preliminary hearing. She filed a formal Form 10 to request the dismissal of their complaint. It can be viewed here.

Justice Doi Endorsement Suggesting a new Rule 59.06 motion by WRPSB - April 20, 2020

Justice Doi recommends WRPSB bring a new Rule 59.06 motion before a new judge to decide jurisdiction of Donovan's civil claim. The endorsement can be viewed here.

Donovan amended her statement of claim one final time on consent - November 23, 2020

The fresh amended statement of claim can be read here.

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